Taxwise, the Best Canadian Province for trading

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  1. Is there a difference?
  2. Search thunderdog on the top right and ask him although he might lecture you about his supreme intellect.
  3. unless u can make above 500k every year in trading.

    taxes are the least of your concern
  4. sumosam


    would have to be alberta
  5. Well thats bullshit
  6. dave74


    I don't think it really matters, but Alberta has the lowest taxes and no PST.
  7. maritimes don't have pst either :D
  8. I think so too. No PST, and most food and products are cheaper here then in British Columbia. Not sure about out east, though. Depends where in the country you want to be.
  9. How about Minnesota :cool:
  10. dave74


    Yes, but Alberta has the lowest tax rates in the country.

    "Alberta's personal tax advantage results from a low single rate tax system, including the highest basic and spousal exemptions in the country, no general sales tax, the lowest gasoline tax rate among the provinces, and low property taxes."
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