Taxpayers subsidizing goldmans $450M investment in facebook!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is just getting totally out of control, after reading this I just get more fed up with what is going on. Seems the money they are borrowing to throw at this hyped up fucking overvalued dot com is money they are borrowing through the feds discount window which means any future loss is guaranteed through the taxpayer themselves. So its like going to a casino and just throwing money at every and anything knowing that if it doesn't work out you still have trillions more to take risk on the backs of others. When does this fucking nonsense end, why is it fair for these banks to make the rules and win no matter what the out come is. They were bailed out before and it seems that this being the case they feel they can take on as much risk as they want and not have to worry about anything. This is why everything is becoming inflated again, because of trillions of dollars being pumped into the system and easy money policies the fed and Bubble ben bernanke are putting forth. They think this game can go on forever and ever.

    Simon Johnson says that US taxpayers are still subsidizing Wall Street risk!!!!!!

    SIMON JOHNSON: Now US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Goldman's Investment In Facebook--This Madness Must End!
    Posted Jan 13, 2011 10:02am EST by Henry Blodget
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    Although most Americans may think that the financial crisis and Wall Street bailouts are now just an embarrassing and regrettable moment in the country's history, this is far from the case, MIT Sloan School of Management professor Simon Johnson says.

    In fact, the taxpayer subsidies for the major Wall Street banks continue to this day.

    These subsidies, professor Johnson says, take the form of special access to the Fed's "discount window" and ongoing, unwritten "Too Big To Fail" guarantees that the US taxpayers will cover any major losses the banks incur--by bailing them out all over again.

    These subsidies allow the big banks to borrow money at a lower cost than their smaller competitors, and, thereby, win market share and produce higher profits.

    Bizarrely, professor Johnson adds, the subsidies mean that the US taxpayer is even subsidizing Goldman Sachs' recent $450 million investment in Facebook, one of the hottest tech companies on the planet.

    Goldman made the investment in Facebook using money borrowed from the Fed at subsidized rates. If the investment works out, of course, Goldman and its shareholders will keep all the profits. If the investment fails--and enough other things go wrong that Goldman needs another bailout--US taxpayers will pick up the tab.

    This heads-I-win, tails-you-lose arrangement contributed to the last financial crisis, professor Johnson says--the crisis that led to the bailouts and almost brought the economy down. And the fact that the arrangement hasn't changed--that US taxpayers are still subsidizing Wall Street risk-taking and implicitly agreeing to cover all major losses--means that Wall Street has just gone right back to gambling up a storm again.

    And that, professor Johnson predicts, will eventually lead to another financial crisis. (See: Bill Daley's Appointment Proves "The Bankers Have Won Completely")

    Simon Johnson is also the author of a book on the financial crisis called 13 Bankers. He writes frequently at Baseline Scenario.
  2. The Fed probably has to throw trillions out there because leverage ain't what it used to be. If you're not getting 30-1 what's a poor boy to do?

    10-1? 3-1? Sorry not enough money out there to make stuff happen.
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    yea without 30 to 1 these banks cant do much, but it doesnt matter the risk is building up slowly once again, even if its 3 to 1 its still risk!
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    The only way the cozy relationship between the Banks and the Fed ends is in a complete collapse of the banking system that even the Fed can't stop, however that situation would unfold - i.e. massive deflation, massive inflation. The Fed is really nothing more than a middleman between the taxpayer and the banks where it reaches into our pockets and takes out tid bits of money perpetually, and when Goldman fucks up the Fed puts us and our children into bondage indefinitely so Goldman can survive and prosper. It's the most blantant form of daylight robbery ever divised.
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    That should be 15 ?'s after WTF since it implies a question, not 15 !'s.
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    Well....let's see. Is WTF actually a question or a statement? Notice I didn't forget the "?"! So...let's go to an authoritative source and ask Google. I think I have found clear and convincing evidence that WTF can be used as both a question and a statement so 007 has been vindicated.

    Now, can we please go back to a more serious discussion like, WTF is GS doing with OUR money!

  7. Stop paying taxes. 90% people hate paying taxes. Nobody knows where the tax money goes. I do not understand why the tax survive in this world.