taxman spying on your house via satellite

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    I am having trouble seeing the problem with using sat imagery to find people that have things like pools without proper permits.

    The gov't has the right to go around and find people who have built things without proper permits...using sat imagery like Google & Microsoft provides seems like an efficient way TO DO THEIR JOB.

    If you don't want the gov't enforcing building permits then change the law but don't fault gov't for trying to do their job better...shesssh everyone is always complaining about how incompetent/lazy/worthless the gov't is and now they are complaining that they are doing their job too well?
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    I disagree.

    I don't want the government or local governments invading my privacy over some damn swimming pool that was or was not installed with some piece of paper being stamped called a permit! WOW!:confused:
  3. I like to see people retain as much freedom, property and money as possible. And freely use it and spend it. Good for the economy.
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    I wonder how long I would have to go stand in my yard with my middle finger pointed to the sky before the satellite would image it. :D

  5. You could have a statue built. I wonder how many permits it would require. Or are there exemptions for "art"?

    Idea: Used to see old barns with the farmer's last name spelled out in the barn roof shingles.
  6. obviously we want the govt to be efficient when they advance our interests and when they go against our interests, we want them to be as inefficient as possible. This is simply the way the world works.
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    Permit....hahahahaha funny.
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