Taxing the Wealthy Kills Jobs Is a Myth, If Not a Whopper

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  1. What is sure, though, is that economic theory exposes the myth as a falsehood. The theory of the firm developed since the time of Alfred Marshall, the great British economist of the early 20th century, is that firms, private as well as public ones, expand until marginal cost equals marginal revenue. It is then and only then that profits (or whatever else the firm's bottom line may be called) are maximized. Firms keep adding factors of production -- labor among them -- until that point is reached.

    When firms decide to add labor to the production process, what matters is their expectations for profits before tax, not after tax. Short of a wholly implausible tax rate of 100% on earnings, the tax rate does not even enter into a firm's decision to hire or not hire.

    Written by Walter M. Cadette, an economist (JPMorgan, retired) and formerly senior scholar at the Jerome Levy Economics Institute at Bard College.|TWR|JC
  2. He went to college. He is a liberal. Take that book learnin bullcrap elsewhere.....yeeeehaaaahhh:D :D
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    Again with the cut and paste lift wing propaganda.
  4. Simple: Demand drives employers to hire more people. Sure, they, we, whatever, consider taxes in some overall decisions, but if we have too much inventory, we don't hire. If we have too many unfilled orders/services/whatever, then we need to ramp up.

    A few percentage points is not going to stop capitalism. However, the government spending has to come down to help us out of the nightmare we're in. Some taxes, and a lot of cuts in spending. No more wasteful, unwanted and un-needed wars and nation building. I'd rather spend the money on Americans through some aid, than other countries.
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    So we're better off with Obama's trickle up poverty then? Who could have known?
  7. If you're not ignoring me pspr, which I still think is the most bizarre thing to do on a discussion board. If you can't discuss topics, then how can you believe in your side of the topic?

    Could you please address my point about Demand being primary to job creation?
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    Apparently you don't spent any time on much of anything.

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    If by some amazing achievement you post something that displays your capable of original thinking, I might spend the time to offer my viewpoint. But then again....past experience has shown that once you and other liberals are faced with a debate the preferred strategy is to revert to name calling and foaming at the mouth.
  9. I support someone giving solid references instead of simply typing in their thoughts, no matter how foolish. I think that many who cut and paste, me included, try to add something more than just the facts presented by cut and paste.

    Better cut and paste than hiding on ignore. If everyone put people on ignore, we would not have much of a discussion board, would we?
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