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    I know it is a boring subject, but how much of your trading profits do you give in taxes? I just want to quantify how desperate my fiscal situation is...LOL. I am talking about total taxes( income, corporate, dividends...) excluding social security.

    I live in France which is a mess in itself, but until recently I had a weird status that enabled me to "only" pay something like 40-45% taxes on low 6 six figures income. However, I need to incorporate for some reasons and I will soon have to pay about 50% or even slightly higher...Sniff.

    Should I just hang myself from being too stupid?What are you paying? Especially in non offshore western countries...

    Thanks a lot.
  2. USA tax rate short term capital gains (<1 yr) is maximum 39%, long term 20%.
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    And that's all you pay? I suppose it's for an individual.

    If you incorporate what would be your average taxe rate for trading?
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    Move to Gibraltar and apply for HEPPS status... :cool:
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    Indeed...Indeed...And I really like Andalucia...

    Just to know,what is the last time you have been able to ski in Sierra Nevada? That is the thing lacking there...
  6. Andorra is good for skiing, and for taxes *wink wink*
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    HmmHmm... Never thought about Andorra
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    Last weekend :):)
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    Really? I went too, but here in the Alps the snow is melting since the beginning of January.It was already "spring snow". Good to know.
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    If you're close to the Alps, how about moving to Switzerland? It won't be too far away from friends & family..

    It's easy enough to incorporate there, there are quite a few tax friendly cantons (Zug, etc.), and even in Vaud (where I am) you can negotiate a few things with the tax authorities. FWIW, I'm french too.

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