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    I've read the requirements to claim trader status etc. Apparently the IRS frowns upon people doing this when they have another full time job. I have a full time job, but work nightshift and trade during the day. (I have a modest profit this year & average 3 or 4 trades a day ). Maybe someone who has some experience with tax laws can offer an opinion. Trader or Investor? Thanks.
  2. there is no set answer for is a grey area in the depends on a lot of things.
    i would say go for it and be prepared to argue your case if by some slim chance you get audited.
  3. Honda,

    Take a look at the following publication from the IRS. Pay particular attention to the bullet points and then decide for yourself whether you meet these requirements or not.,,i1=50&genericId=12278,00.html

    There are other informative publications on the IRS site, just do a search for "trader status" on and you should find several that look at different aspects of declaring trader status.