Taxes Plunge for Rich

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Free Thinker, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hello, another question... should your taxes fall 5%, would you stay put? maybe buy a bigger boat?
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  4. thats bogus. everyone pays taxes.
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    LOL! Looks like someone isn't being much of a "free thinker" today. Don't be a grumpy little Mr. Thinker. Go put on your free thinker cap and come back and read this:

    Our view on financing government: When 47% don't pay income tax, it's not healthy for USA

    47% will pay no federal income tax
    An increasing number of households end up owing nothing in major federal taxes, but the situation may not be sustainable over the long run.

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    Its not even so much about income tax rates, as it is about seeing my money go into a bottomless pit. I see government everywhere just pissing the money away. Pay increases for the government while we are running multi trillion dollar deficits, no problem!! Lets not touch defense spending, medicare, or social security either, those three are off limits. Pay increases for teachers at the cost of laying some off, you betcha!! Oh yeah and the doozy of the whole thing is bernanke is telling us there is zero inflation when the cost of just about everything has doubled.
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    Good opinion piece. That's why highly unequal societies do so poorly, and why a flat tax cannot (yet) work.
  8. i realize you arent the brightest guy on et but here is what you said: "What about for the 47% of Americans who pay no taxes?"

    i stand by my statement. think before you respond.
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    That made no sense at all. 1) We're doing far better than the overwhelming majority of all those so-very-equal societies, and 2) 47% of people not paying taxes mean that rich people are paying too much, and a good portion of the middle class isn't paying their fare share. So, we need to a)reduce taxes on the rich, or b) raise them on middle class. I vote for a.

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