Taxes on Hong Kong futures

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by Htrader, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Nomadic; now that is an interesting concept ...
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  2. def

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    Since HK doesn't have a capital gains tax it is a moot point. If you are a US citizen the law says you must declare your income. The US is clamping down - as of last year the HK banks are even obliged to send your interest income to the IRS.
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  3. Only in America ...
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  4. dozu888


    has really shrunk, comparing to a few months ago.

    What gives? when will it pick up?
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    Intraday vol the past two weeks has been dampened due to the last issuance of the tracker fund. (the release of the shares the gov't bought during intervention and are packaging as an ETF). The vols get dampened as it is an easy arb (sell the futures and buy the tracker at a discount). The tracker has been fully tapped as of yesterday.

    So you want intraday vol?

    yesterdays range: 230 points (2 1/2 %).

    so far today: about 100 points but we've been up and down like a new brides panties. Maybe, things look like their getting back to normal.
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  6. dozu888


    thanks Def....

    need average intraday range > 200 pts to make it worthwile :p
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    2 1/2% intrday moves on a consistant basis is asking for an awful lot.
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  8. shyhh



    Is it in $USD or $HKD ?

    Thanks in advance :)
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  10. Momento


    Try charting with - Very precise by the tick.
    the best part is that they give you a 14 days trial, with no questions asked.

    They have the World's market covered - including commodities.
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