Taxes on "Friends and Family" account

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by dholliday, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. dholliday


    I am considering trading an account for a relative via an IB "Friends and Family" account. I am fully automated day trading over a universe of about 2500 stocks. The problem is the "Wash Sales Rule". Is there anything they can do to avoid it? They work full time.
  2. As you may realize, a way to get out of the wash sales rule is to elect M2M for an active trader. And a passive friend/family member with his own linked sub-account does not qualify for IRS purposes as an active trader... no matter how many trades are run through the friend's account.

    Therefore consider... form a separate tax entity where all parties receive a K-1 after electing M2M at the entity level.
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    Or you can take a trading holiday for a month over the year end to avoid any wash sale implications.
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    +1 the trading holiday. On thanksgiving weekend you could make a list of all positions you touched within the past month and make those offlimits to touch in December (IB even lets you set up prohibited symbols per account, I think. with 2500 in your universe you're sure to still have many to trade so not even really a holiday.

    Of course if you have positions on as of Thanksgiving that you don't want to close (and are negative) you'll have some choices to make...