Taxes on derivatives vs. equities

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by OVERtheLINE, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. can anyone tell me difference in tax rates? Thanks in advance
  2. 60/40 split on futures vs bracketed tax rates on all equity trades..Since Bush did the adjustment on the taxes, I cannot off the top of my head do the "capped out" tax calculation on futures, but at one time it was capped out at 28%, nowadays I would imagine it is closer to 26%...Maybe that is why the mini has picked up all the interest in the past year or so...Finally people are starting to see a big benefit to this tax treatment
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    isn't it also true on futures (e-mini's) that at the end of the year for tax's you don't have to post each trade (as in stocks) only a profit or loss (or a bigger profit, I wish:) provided on a nice little form off your broker ?

    Guess I hope I'm right on this, that's all I did for last years tax's, no audit yet :)

  4. yes, that is right...just your p/l, but I am pretty certain that there are different rules for active stock daytraders as well, but I don't happen to be a stock trader, so I do not know those rules...futures are a much less cumbersome project for tax purposes