taxes in chicago

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thomfergu, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. hi .can u guys recommend someone who does taxes in Chicago it was my first year im totally green
  2. archon


    What type of help do you need? Are you just an employee who gets a simple W2 at the end of the year or are you a self-employed tax nightmare with multiple Schedule Cs?
  3. no i'm self employed. the thing is that 2006 was my first trading year and i suffered small loss. i did maybe 40 trades and lost around 500 but at end of the year i sold short few stocks and carried in to next year. now my broker send me a combined form 1099 there is bunch of trades but profit and loss realized in 2006 is 0.and when i went to the guy who does taxes for me it seems that i have to pay taxes from over $30000.00 thats the costs of shares i sold .i know its crap he just does not understand what short sale is .then i talked to my broker he says if i didn't made any money its up to me if i want to report at i'm little confused now .so maybe someone can recommend somebody
  4. Save your cash and pick up a copy of TurboTax Home & Business edition. That should solve all of your problems. It has a very extensive Schedule D section that will allow you to sort all of your trades by date and basis. That should take care of your little problem.