Taxes if you move out of California

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  1. I had no income from CA in 2006, sold my home, and moved over a thousand miles away. They keep sending me threats saying I needed to file, but I didn't live there other than hanging around at a friend's house until I made arrangements to leave.

    Do I owe them on the house? I moved for job reasons. What is up with these people? I keep providing them documents and they keep threatening me for no reason. I'm getting really angry.
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    Who knows.

    I'm glad I'm out of that state.

    20 years ago I worked there for 2 weeks while passing through made around 600$(I think), didn't file and left the country shortly after.

    10 years later I find they took me to court and issued a 1000$ lien against me. Had to get a cpa to call them and have it canceled.
  3. Did you pay your property tax? That's the only one I can come up with.
  4. You escaped from California with the shirt on your back! CA wants your shirt and all your money, then you can leave the state.:D

    On a serious note, it sounds like you just picked up and left.

    From what I have been told by other smart people who have left CA for greener pastures is that you have to do the following at a minimum:

    1) Turn in and cancel your drivers license.*&**

    2) Turn in and cancel your vehicle license plates.*

    3) Remove your name from the voter registration list.**

    4) File a final partial year tax return.***

    * You might be able to do this when you get a DL and re-register your vehicle in your new home state.

    **This gets you out of jury duty.

    ***You cancel your DL and LP on April 1, 2006. Your final partial year tax return will be from Jan 1 to April 1, 2006.

    Note: You may still have to file a Non-Resident tax return if you still generate income within the CA even if you no longer live in the state. (Rental income you receive from a duplex for example.)

    The idea is that you have to become "inactive" on all the CA state govt computer databases.

    Sometimes faking your own death is the only way to escape the clutches of the CA tax bogeyman....:D
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    I say let Mexico take it back.
  6. Forget that they already have taken it over silently, or not so silently. CA is expensive. It costs money to live in the state with the nicest weather. I got hosed when I left too. I worked there 1 month into the year and got a hefty tax bill. There is a reason it is cheap to live in certain states, like WY for instance. Ever been there? How about Oklahoma? No thanks. Colorado is a happy medium.
  7. Calfornia is basically government gone wild. Its what the Federal Government is becoming.
  8. If you retire in California and move away, they tax your retirement income...

    The thing is, the weather is truly incredible, but only if you live near the ocean, otherwise, forget it, it's horribly hot, smoggy, whatever, and your tax bill is ridiculous just the same...
  9. Calfornia cannot tax your pension income after you leave the state as it is prohibited under the Federal Taxation of Pension Income Act of 1995.

    Both California and New York were taxing pension income of former residents in the late 1980's and early 1990's and this lead to the Federal law prohibiting this unfair taxation in 1995.
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    probably, you relocated to NYC --
    find some pro bono lawyers and sue the state! :)
    potentially could be more rewarding than the famous McDonalds' case settlement :)
    kinda you experienced the huge psycological trauma and all your life is destroyed because of state's false pretences and threats :)

    plus useful for society, especially if it creates some kind of precedent.

    I relocated from Southern California to Southern East Coast many years ago.
    Sometimes, I miss legally blonde cheesecakes with headphones jogging around in the mornings.
    and... even the high taxes, too :)

    the last part probably sounds very masochistic. but living in CA in the past was even much more masochistic enterprise, IMHO I enjoy the quality of lifestyle I got here, almost the same weather, and affordability of everything else. Ocean is better, too :)
    My dreams come true! :)
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