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Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by vinigar, May 23, 2002.

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    Today I received a news message from MSN news that stated that the IRS is going to revamp their web search engine so that people who were trying to avoid taxes could not enter keywords such as no tax...and come up with various results.

    I immediately went to the IRS web site and used their search engine and typed in the following keyword searches:

    no tax
    Pay no tax
    do not have to pay tax
    when to deduct
    trader deductions
    not taxable
    deductions 4797

    Using these keywords I was able to come up with most all of the legal deductions we can use.

    Exactly why the IRS would want to make it difficult for tax payers to find legal deductions is beyond me...I guess they are having a lot of difficulty with these off shore entities and also organizations that illegally help people avoid taxes.

    I created a folder in my Web Browser for Taxes and put all the items I found using their search engine in it that have anything to do with no taxes....etc.

    Thought you all would like to know about this before the IRS changes their search engine
  2. vinigar