Taxes for hedge funds

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  1. Just out of curiousity,how are profits for investors in a hedge fund taxed?The fund could have a mix of investments and holding periods,such as tax exempt munis and taxable corporate bonds,dividends,long term capital gains(maximum of 15% tax rate),and short term capital gains.Does this make tax preparation difficult because of all these varying tax rates?
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    Thats why we hire a CPA!
  3. That still doesn't answer my question.How would the profits be taxed?
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    Hedge funds are typically pass-through entities (LP's and LLC's) where the realized capital gains/losses, interest income, and expenses are divided among all the investors each year. They are reported to the investors on a K-1.
  5. So does the k-1 form differentiate between long term and short term capital gains allowing the investor the favorable 15% maximum tax rate treatment for long term capital gains or are all the profits taxed at ordinary income tax rates?
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    It's obvious to see the answer is "yes" just by glancing at a K-1 form. You are invited to try to figure the easy things out yourself. Type "k-1" into the box at to see a K-1.