Taxes - 1099B Gross and wash sales

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  1. Here's the deal:

    I trade stocks and use IB, they provide a prepared Sc D, which is great. I also use TradeLog to calculate wash sales and keep track of all my trades.

    The problem is that the total procceds from sales on my
    Sc D from IB and
    do not match. So which one do I use???

    Please help...
  2. hughb


    I can only tell you what happened in my specific situation.

    The IRS examined my return and they went by the amount provided to them by my broker on the 1099B. When I responded to them I sent them a report generated by GainsKeeper with the wash-sales calculated and the amount was different from what the 1099B had. They obviously saw the difference in what I reported with my GainsKeeper report and what the 1099B had. They accepted it anyway.
  3. Pandora, open up Tradelog:
    1) Click on help, >online help
    2) Click on Common Problems under Detailed User Guides
    3) On right side of page halfway down, you'll see "the report doesn't match my 1099." Click that and you'll be given detailed instructions.

    If this doesn't help call their support people 800 372 6078.