Taxation and the Truth for next year

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  1. Taxpayers now find their income might fall into one of six tax rate brackets, starting at 10 percent and topping out at 35 percent.

    On the first day of next year, however, there will be only five income tax rates: 15 percent, 28 percent, 31 percent, 36 percent and 39.6 percent.



  2. I thought this was part of Bushs temporary tax cut package.What legislation did Obama pass to raise taxes to those rates ?
  3. How about the death tax, from 0% to 55% anything over $1 million?

    The Steinbrenner's saved over $500 million in estate taxes because of George's untimely death.
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    i was looking for information about tax brackets for 2011 and can't find official numbers on IRS website or google. amazing..
    as for changes..yes..bend over low income obama lovers..the change is coming..your taxes will be up a little bit..50% increase in your ass..
  5. At least 44% of my income will be paid out in taxes 2011.

    44% of my earned income wont be paying a small business contractor for home improvements.

    44% of my earned income will not be buying consumer product.

    44% of my earned income will not be put into the stock markets or other investment.

    44% of my money will be flushed down a toilet.

    Sweet! :D
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    The Taxman is coming to all areas next year, this obama the scum of all the earth is "The Taxman"
  7. The same legislation that Obama used to call the extension of the Bush tax cuts the, Obama Tax Cuts.

    Pelosi: "What I believe the American people deserve is a tax cut for the middle class," Pelosi said during her weekly press briefing. "And without getting into procedure and timing and process, what we're going to do is to say at the end of the day, the extension of the Obama middle-income tax cuts will take place, and that's what I have to say on the subject."