Tax the rich

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  1. Large immigrant populations are relatively new developments and have created a lot of handwringing that the welfare states can't support hoards of poor, uneducated muslims for example.
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  2. Well, the Turks started coming in 1962 and there are close to 2 million of them in Germany. I would not call it a new development.
    As for the welfare state, it is in crisis because of the aging population.
    Interesting example of welfare state is Norway. It has around 5 million people and a national pension fund that hovers around $500 billion. That comes to 100 billion per 1 million people. In order for the US government to match it we would have to have 300 multiplied by 100 billion set aside for our people. That is 30 trillion dollars. Instead we have 9 trillion in debt, collapsing bridges, shitty schools, and no national health care. This is my friend what happens when you have a democracy working for the benefit of all people and not just 1%.
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  3. Thanks for opening my eyes. Now I just need to figure out where
    I can get one of those $2 million dildos for my wife...:p

    Hopefully they let you make payments on it...:p
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  4. Funny how the Jews don't sit around on their ass looking for a handout
    while joining gangs and taking drugs and having illegimate babies
    and do drive by shootings and listen to crappy music and feel sorry
    for themselves like the blacks have MADE THE CHOICE TO DO.

    It is the black man's choice to become educated or not.

    Or to take drugs or not.

    Or to join a gang or not.

    Don't blame this shit on the white man and call them racist.

    Because that is all bullshit.

    At least Bill Cosby has a brain and know what's going on.

    You apparently do not. Maybe you are not well read or just have
    a problem understanding reality vs. fiction.
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  5. Cesko


    This is my friend what happens when you have a democracy working for the benefit of all people and not just 1%.
    No this is what happens when country has a plenty of oil and population of 5.7 million(!!).
    Very well chosen example.
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  6. Taxing the rich sounds real nice in paper...
    The rich pay more taxes at a higher %... so that they support everyone else...

    problem is, that the rich know the loopholes in the law so the end up paying little or nothing... and the poor end up paying the most taxes...

    The exceptions that are contemplated in tax laws are usually very complex, full of exceptions for special cases that get subsidized as well as deductibles and such...
    All of these because lawmakers want to leave the poor untaxed...

    in reality things go a little different... the poor have no accountants, they don't know the loops... they end up paying.

    If they want to tax the rich the best way to do it is through a system that taxes everyone equally [flat tax], a fixed percentage [usually much lower than the %'s used by other taxing systems] with no exceptions, no loopholes... just a simple tax,, for instance a single tax of 20% on sales...
    The paradox of this system is that eventhough the % is smaller, the money collected is usually much more, since evasion goes down dramatically... the tax is easy to collect, hard to evade. There are also serious economic benefits that come from eliminating subsidies and tax derived trade restrictions.

    Under this system, eventhough everyone pays 20%, the rich would pay much more; since 20% of $1MM is a lot more than 20% of $100.
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