Tax the rich

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  1. Over 44% of black women never get married. Most black men
    run every time they get someone pregnant.

    I guess you can blame that on the fact their great great great
    grandma was a slave. She must of put a curse on them.

    Sounds logical to me. Oh, btw... the Earth IS flat and I have a
    bridge in Minnesota that I will sell you cheap.
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  2. Problem with taxng the rich, is that the rich can hire expensive attorneys that teach em how to appear poor... or take everysingle loophole to get out of taxes [the loopholes their rich politician friends accidently left for them...]

    The best way to tax the rich is to lay down a flat tax, low amount, no exceptions... that way everyone pays [rich and poor] according to their means... no exceptions, no loopholes, a real simple law that fits in half a page... if you earn $1000 per month, you pay 100 and if you earn 10000 you pay 1000 the rich pay more in [$], but everyone pays the same [in %]
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  4. assuming that your numbers are correct, do you really think that the social system that was developed for the slaves bear no effect on the people today? Just look at the jewish population and the effect of Holocaust on them. Also, look at them and explain how they managed to do so well in our and many other societies. Your values come directly from your culture, therefore if i young jewish boy is introduced to the study of Talmud, Torah and other religious jewish writings don't you think that his mind will developed in a certain way as opposed to somebody whose father was sold to another master, whose mother was raped many a time, whose family might have been separated several times throughout his life. A family where teaching how to read would be punishable by death, where books were never allowed, where people were demeaned, beaten, and abused on daily basis. You really think that somehow by telling them in 1865:
    " you are free now go and find yourself a new place to exist" somehow cleansed this country of all its sinsand that there is no longer any responsibility on the part of government or regular folks to help them because after all they have their freedom now and therefore an equal start. You tell me how are you going to instill the importance of reading to your kids if you yourself was never read to as a child? How do you re-build a family structure which for decades was repeatedly broken by selling off different members of the family to other masters? And finally, how do you change a society where for generations one side was called yes masta, yes sir, and the other side was called "boy" or nigger?
    Those kinds of wounds create deep scars and they do not heel very easily. Life like trading is not simple. Or perhaps it seems simple to those who have yet to master it (in this case both trading and life).

    Just read the above words and try to think and understand the pain.
    :( :( :( :( :(
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  5. Cesko


    ......, where people were demeaned, beaten, and abused on daily basis.
    The problem with people like you is no clue about economics. Slaves were a private property(expensive!!!) so treating them bad was not in slave-owner's best interest. Healthy strong slave(male) cost $100,000 in today's money approximately. Are you going to mistreat really expensive "capital tool" for no reason????
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  6. How much effect do you believe there still is? Enough to cause
    a big difference? How much of a difference? I want to hear what
    you believe.

    Slavery was a long time ago. If one is not over it yet then it is time
    to get over it.
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  7. Saxon22, I suggest strongly that you read and learn about the long history of the huge, white Irish slave trade.

    Irish slaves were not nearly as valuable as African slaves and so were treated as such.

    Those Irish "lucky" enough to be free in the US were treated lower than the lowest. They belonged to no one. They were not valuable property. If they were believed to be unfit for slavery, they were unfit for any type of employment.

    Ireland's population in 1641 was 1.46 million. 10 years later it was 600 thousand. 100,000 children were taken from their parents and a larger number of adults were sold into slavery in the West Indies and New England.

    And yet where are the complaints from the Irish in America today about their past abuses? Where are their demands for restitution? Where is the family disintegration? The multi-generational dependence on welfare?
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  8. This is the figure that i got:
    As a matter of fact Ireland's involvement with the slave trade was in providing slaves. In the 1650s Cromwell sent thousands of Irish men and women to Barbados, Montserrat, St Kitts and Antigua. The minimum figure was 12,000. Others put it as high as 50,000. The Irish, not surprisingly, proved to be lousy slaves in the Tropics with an inconsiderate habit of dying quickly from malaria. The English sugar planters turned to our proconsul's friends the black slaves in the 18th century.

    50.000 can hardly be compared to numbers that were coming from Africa.
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  9. Those are extremely low numbers that you picked out to your liking. In many areas of the world, Irish slaves outnumbered the free population let alone the African slave population. As a percentage of population, Ireland lost more to slavery than Africa. According to your views, the Irish culture should have been destroyed after being brought to the US. That did not happen.

    The point is not how many anyway. The point is why are there so many millions of successful black Americans? They excel and surpass in profession, family, and business. Could it be that they are not waiting around for a handout? Could it be that they are not blaming someone else for their problems and are taking the initiative to improve their lives just like everyone has to? Could it be that they want more out of life than the basics being provided for them?

    And what's it got to do with black people anyway? The same thing happens to whites and others that become addicted to multi-generational government assistance. A lot of people don't want more than food, clothing, shelter, TV and beer and cigarettes. Why work for the basics when it can be provided for you? From one generation to the next. Don't you think that their children learn that this is how it's done, that everything will be provided for them without earning it?
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  10. Mistreating the slaves was not done for entertaining purposes. However, there were punished and disciplined if they did not follow the rules. How else were you going to keep them obedient? There are many well documented examples of keeping the slaves in line. I suggest you acquaint yourself with some before you embarrass yourself again.
    Just to bring my point across even further, could you explain for us simple folk why the conditions of importing the slaves were so horrendous? Even the most ignorant are aware of the unpleasant accommodations that were afforded to those making the transatlantic voyage from Africa to the New World. If this was simple economic then why would the cargo be so neglected? After all if each slave was worth up to $100,000 (according to you), then why such a mistreatment?
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