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  1. We never had a war before this one that hasn't involved some kind of tax increase or levy, have we?

    And what are the federal gummint's choices to finance operations anyway - raise taxes/fees; sell assets/dissave/fdeficit spend; sell bonds or other debt; print money? Have I missed something?
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  2. Have you forgotten that we went into Iraq to steal their oil?

    That's the one part of the kool aid manifesto that I wish had been true.
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  3. I know you're not dense so why is it difficult for you to grasp that Iraq is NOT a big spending hurdle.

    Are you comparing a "war" that's around 3% of the Federal budget this year to wars that were 25%-100% of the budget?

    The Katrina bailout cost the same in 2005 as Iraq did that year.

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  4. "Did Jesus Christ think of the poor as losers?"

    Maybe he thought of them as children and expected with some help they would grow the hell up. Children, for all practical purposes are homeless, maybe they are losers too.
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  5. Get your facts straight. These are the numbers and they do not lie:
    Spending DOD Department of Defense :

    $474 billion in FY 2006, which is 56% of net discretionary spending,
    $505 billion in FY 2007,
    and $554 billion in FY 2008, nearly 60% of discretionary spending.

    Now, I do not know about you but I think we as a society could surely spend $500+ billion a year on things that are more useful to all of our citizens than fucking bombs.

    Also do not forget the federal debt which stands at over 9 trillion dollars and just paying the interest is costing us $243.7 billion a year. Now I am sure you are aware that a lot of that debt comes from spending on military during the cowboy years aka Ronald boy and his star wars and tax cuts to the rich and both Bushes.
    So stop being so dense and do not compare the US war spending during WWII when our economy, debt, and tax system were totally different to what is happening right now. Wake the fuck up.
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    Exactly that's how wealth is created! Makes sense.
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  7. You can't cite a single Bible verse or quote from Jesus that equates high taxes and government spending with concern for the poor. In fact, it is quite clear in the New Testament that one of the most reviled classes of people were "publicans" or tax collectors, no doubt for the same reasons they are today.

    Liberals always act like we don't spend a dime on the poor, so anyone opposing more welfare programs is "against the poor." In fact, we have spent trillions in the War on Poverty, to little effect. A powerful case can be made that government welfare has had the perverse effect of making the poor and society worse off. Before the "Great Society", welfare recipients were stigmatized. Liberals huffed that they shouldn't be. Unwed motherhood was a particular stigma. Again, liberals stepped in to remove the shame and make things easier for these unfortunate women. Of course, the (predictable) result was an explosion in unwed births, the destruction of the black family structure and the hellish inner cities we have now. Thanks a lot liberals. I'd hate to see what you would have done to them if you weren't "helping" them.

    Jesus emphasized private charity. It's not charity if the government takes money from you by force, so you really haven't done anything to merit favor. At the same time, if you're giving your hard-earned money to someone, you expect them to act responsibly, not use it to buy crack or booze. Liberals consider that demeaning but normal people see it as reasonable.
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  8. If you are after a society where the 5% owns 90% of everything and 95% of society exists in neverending misery and poverty then low taxes is the solution. In Haiti minimum wage in around 40 cents a day and we all have seen the paradise created by low wages and low taxes on the rich in Haiti. In Scandinavian and Western european countries (and at one time here in the US), the tax system takes a lot more from the rich and taxes them at a fairly high rate. Yet every time I travel to Germany there are plenty of wealthy folks living very, very nice lives and having as many toys as the wealthy in the states.
    Now the question is which society do we want to emulate? Do we want to become the next Haiti or the next Germany?
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    Haitian misery is caused by low taxes on the rich???? I had no clue. Learning something new every day. I will never understand how you figured it out but that's OK.
    I associate capitalism with Hong Kong. Both Sweden and Germany are poor comparing to HK.
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