Tax the rich

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  1. You sound pretty moronic yourself.

    D.C. spends over $16,000 per student each year. 12% of the kids can't read.

    56K!! Please post a link. I say bullshit.

    Lack of affordable housing? Where? In Detroit? Cleveland? Oh, I guess you're talking about poor Mexican folks in L.A.

    Not having health insurance doesn't mean one is denied health services. Every major city I know has a PUBLIC hospital.

    There's plenty of work in the U.S. for any able bodied American. That's why immigrants are flooding our workforce. Go flip a burger, clean a toilet or dig a ditch.

    Only whiny, loZZer's care what OTHER folks have or earn. I could give a shit about Gates, Buffet, Michael Dell, Joe Rimm and Jack Google. What's their's is their's and what's mine is mine. We come in this world alone, we leave it alone.........
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  2. Hard to let an angry unsophisticated uncultured white man's rant go with out a response, but what's the point?

    Somehow you confuse your rage with certainty of being right, the greater the rage, the greater the self righteousness.

    The problem comes down to politics, as those who are more fortunate are the ones who get into positions of power, then make the laws to keep them there, including all the loopholes in the tax code as well as no taxation of income in the form of dividends, etc...

    The poor and unfortunate would have no voice in our political system at all if you had your way. Watching the INOC's like you rage against the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate is a wonderful example of how self centered, and not God centered (or Jesus centered) Americans have become, especially the klannish right wingers...

    Really contradictions all over the place, the "I got mine" and "we are born alone and will die alone" demonstrates how isolated in your mind you actually are...

    If you can't take it with you, why do you hold on so gosh darn tight to what you have for only a brief period of time?

    Makes no logical sense, unless a person if filled with fear, and operates from a level of genuine poverty consciousness...

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  3. What an absolute and utter piece of bullshit.

    There is nothing that says a hard working person born into a lower middle class family can't attain power in any capitalist democracy. It has happened and is happening all the time. Or is does natural aptitude and a good work ethic represent an 'inequity' that must be legislated out of society? Is it 'unfair' that one person should make more of themselves than another?

    It is sickening hypocrites like you who rail against capitalism that are the worst drag on the greatest equalizing force available to modern societies.
    Yes, while real Christians like you joke about pedophilia, and bash Ann Coulter while calling homosexuals 'faggots' when you think no one's listening, and behave so chilidishly that they get banned from an anonymous internet site 3 times and then aren't able to summon the courage to just stay away from a place where they're clearly not wanted.

    Fucking sickening.
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  4. I have no problem taxing the rich.....

    quick question though.....what constitutes 'rich'? because i have seen some Dems want to tax any household making combined income of over 100k.....that's not a lot when you factor in childcare, health, 100k almost everybody on this site is rich!!!!:D :D
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  5. jem


    i did not read the link but if americans really did say they would rather make 100k and everyone else 85, they made the right choice.

    I suspect Buffett has a lot more money but was he a richer man than JP Morgan or JD Rockefeller.

    If measured in dollars wealth is relative not absolute.
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  6. maxpi


    Oh yeah, let's invest in the loser class of people and destroy the winners by trying to make winners out of losers. I was not particularly against helping the poor for a long time, then they imported 20 million of them from Mexico and they want me to "invest" in them too. It's bullshit and nothing but a weapon formed to destroy the prosperous Jews and Christians of the US.

    Currently I'm investing in Dow futures and US stocks, not losers.
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  7. You brought up Christians.

    Did Jesus Christ think of the poor as losers?

    Amazing how the materialistic secular Jews and greedy Christians have perverted the teachings of their Masters.

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  8. Here is a video from 1943 on Taxes to Defeat The Axis:


    And here's my Treasury Secretary this week with a scam that let's me have a pain free war with tax cuts that went into my pocket. I sacrifice nothing, pay nothing.

    WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Monday said the United States may be unable to pay its bills this fall unless Congress raises the government's borrowing authority, now capped at $8.965 trillion.

    Paulson, in a letter to lawmakers, estimated the government is likely to bump into the statutory debt limit in early October.

    "Accordingly, I am writing to request that Congress raise the statutory debt limit as soon as possible," Paulson wrote. He did not say how much more borrowing authority the Bush administration needs.

    Congress has already boosted the statutory debt limit several times during President Bush's tenure. The last time Congress upped the government's borrowing authority was in March 2006 when it agreed to raise the debt ceiling by $781 billion.

    Boosting the debt limit is more a matter of politics than economics.

    Economists doubt Congress will refuse to raise the limit. A federal default is considered unimaginable because it would rattle bond markets, force interest rates higher and shake the economy.

    Democrats have blasted the administration for ratcheting up the government's borrowing needs, while they deal with bloated budget deficits; they contend the greater borrowing needs show Bush's fiscal mismanagement.

    The administration, however, has defended the increases as essential to pay for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to cover other costs to keep the United States secure.

    In the past, Treasury has resorted to numerous accounting maneuvers to pay its bills while the government waited for Congress to expand its borrowing authority. Paulson argued against being forced to use such measures, saying they "would create unnecessary uncertainty for the financial markets and result in costs to the government." Such actions, he said. "should be reserved only for extraordinary circumstances, and should be avoided."
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  9. Only fitting that Communist loving FDR would bump income taxes as America fought Hitler, the nemesis of Red Russia.

    The top bracket during WWll was 40%. Up to $25,000 (more than 250k in 2007 dollars) in income the top bracket was 18%!

    Of course WWll at it's height only cost 50% of U.S. GDP.

    I see zero analogy.

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  10. It's a complicated problem for sure. Bottom line though is if the families value education, the kids will learn. If they don't, all the money in the world won't change things.


    Ans: I am sure those couple hundred years of slavery have done wonders to instill family values. With all the selling, and raping and an official death penalty for those who would try to teach slaves how to read, the values were being developed in a most peculiar way. Of course one should not forget the wonderful years between 1865 9the end of the Civil War) and late 1960 when being black meant the world of privilege, power and equality.


    The inequality weakens a culture and makes it very vulnerable to economic attack from the inside or outside

    Ans. Sounds like a quote from Mein Kampf. However, I highly doubt you have read this particular publication, soI would venture and state that this is your own brain at work. Bravo, too we are not in the late 30's and this is not Nazi Germany.Seems like you wouldlove it.

    Tax people or certain people too much, and it will alter their behavior. They will find loopholes, move off shore, not reinvest their earnings in riskier areas that need the capital to grow, not expand their business therefore fewer jobs, shrink the economy, etc.

    Then how do you explain the prosperity of Scandinavian countries where the tax rates are one of the highest. Also, how doyou explain the misery in those states where taxes are super low like Mexico for example?
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