Tax the rich

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  1. It's a complicated problem for sure. Bottom line though is if the families value education, the kids will learn. If they don't, all the money in the world won't change things.

    As for troublemakers, i don;t reallycare where they send them. It seems obvious to me that one or two thugs can ruin an entire year for a class of kids who do want to learn. Most kids are followers. Get rid of the troublemakers and most will get with the program. Liberals seem to have an obsession with lowering everything to the lowest common denominator. They sacrifice the many to try in vain to save the dysfunctional. That mayb e a noble sentiment, but it's a lousy way to run a school system.
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    The inequality weakens a culture and makes it very vulnerable to economic attack from the inside or outside. That is it's value. It is valued by some with the power to promote it so it's not going to go away anytime real soon.
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    My brother in law was a teacher in a reform school. In his letter of resignation he stated that if he was allowed to kill two of his students he could teach the rest... and he was a liberal, probably still is.
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  4. "Liberals seem to have an obsession with lowering everything to the lowest common denominator."

    I have a theory. I do think it began with McDonalds, the dumbing down of everything in the workplace. Make it so you can hire anyone and leave nothing to chance on job performance, every last detail is in the book. Registers display change, bells & timers, etc. Now it seems, society took its que's from MCD and must dumb down everything to the lowest denominator in the same way.
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  5. Why is tax so god damned hard?

    Tax everyone 10%

    No offsets, no tax breaks, no accountants, no loopholes

    Earn a dollar or a billion.. 10%

    How fucking hard is that?
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  6. It is not hard, but it is unfair and would not be enough anyway. :D :D :D

    low taxes = poverty
    high taxes = prosperity
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  7. Tax the rich and take away all their tax advantages and loop holes.
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  8. Maybe you should "be sick" about 47 million people not having health insurance, lack of affordable housing, huge discrepancies when it comes to school funding. (the richest school district in the US spends over $56.000 per student while the poorest is less than $5.000). Lack of any meaningful long term adequate social services to the poor and working class of America. When you compare what a poor person is entitled to in th US as opposed to other westernized countries, you will clearly see how little is being provided to those who need our help the most.
    I am sick of people like you!
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  9. Tax and punish the productive and those that are running circles around me. They are making me look bad.

    Tax and regulate the rich business owners and CEO's at 95%! Make those bleepers pay! And they will still have too much money to live on.

    Make it so miserable for them that no one will take the risk of starting or running a business. Who needs a job anyway. Remove all incentive to achieve and make them dream of a life of crime, lottery tickets, casinos, trading stocks, and government assistance.

    I'm in a rage of envy and jealousy. Those rich bastards. Make them suffer equal to the likes of me, as I am suffering in poverty. If I can't gather the ambition to achieve a bit of wealth, no one should be wealthy.

    Of course I'm mad. I've always been mad.

    But seriously, at least CEO's should be compensated by performance other than by stock price increases caused through no fault of their own. A stock can rise for no apparent reason other than being in the right sector. It would only be good for business.

    Tax people or certain people too much, and it will alter their behavior. They will find loopholes, move off shore, not reinvest their earnings in riskier areas that need the capital to grow, not expand their business therefore fewer jobs, shrink the economy, etc.
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    "In other words, we care less about how much money we have than we do about how much money we have relative to everyone else. In a fascinating survey, Cornell economist Robert Frank found that a majority of Americans would prefer to earn $100,000 while everyone else earns $85,000, rather than earning $110,000 while everyone else earns $200,000.

    Think about it: People would prefer to have less stuff, as long as they have more stuff than the neighbors.


    At a minimum, we should question whether a bigger pie is always better.


    Redistrubute wealth to spare people feelings of envy... Yes, stop economic growth and distrubute evenly the existing pie relying not on market forces but primarily on the opinions of some group of elitist-pinheads. Out with Adman Smith and in with Karl Marx, indeed.

    And why is it that Wall Street Bankers are always used as worst-case examples? Why don't thes opinion-pieces ever reference Oprah Winfrey?

    My All-Time Favorite, yet again:

    Conservatives, liberals and reality
    By George Will
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