Tax the rich! Not so fast.

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  1. There are certainly holes in the logic but if nothing else the video puts things in perspective.

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  2. Good video! If liberals don't get it after this, then they will still be liberals. :D
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    LOL. How profound.

    If they didn't already know there isn't enough money to pay for this liberal democrat crap then they can't tie their shoes either.
  4. hmm GDP 14T and we're spending 3.7T...

    VAT of 30% should cover it.
  5. Lucrum


    A mere 30% huh, well damn what's the hold up?
  6. Yeah increase the price of everything 30%. We will never notice.

    (Also VAT is a consumption tax and consumption expenditures are just under 10T of our 14T gdp, so you better increase that VAT to 37%)
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    Current income taxes account for about 8% of GDP so to sustain the democrat's spending habits we would just need another 29% VAT on top of all the other taxes we pay including income tax.

    Not bad. Except the economy would come to a screeching hault because of the 29% increase in prices and tax revenues would plumet along with incomes. But Democrats don't worry about that. They are irrational.
  8. Where is trefoil? Where is convertibility? Where is AK?
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    Drunk on a bar stool hugging a bottle of Jack.
  10. You mean holding each others cocks.
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