tax the rich for health care

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    This is all really stupid, the idea that simply because we breath we are "entitled" to anything.

    It seems like some people would like to operate under the mistaken notion that some things are so valuable, they should be free. Well, if that is the case, what would be the point in providing value in anything?

    I'm not a person just talking about of my ass on this issue either. I've been biten in real life by not having had good insurance, it totally broke me. I never once felt like I was owed anything though.
  3. You know what else we should have free? Food! Lets tax the rich so we can all eat for free at the cheesecake factory. Gas should be free too along with cars! And lets not forget homes! Free homes for everyone! All these are must haves! And you know what else should be free? Stocks! Let the government fund our IRAs with the max contribution! Did i forget anything?
  4. Yea, you did.
    How dare you deprive me of the right to drink booze and smoke!
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    How about tort reform so medically uneducated juries emotionally manipulated by shysters do not set the standard of care in this country based on ruling out outliers? Doesn't cost taxpayers a dime and would result in massive savings to the tune of hundreds of billions.

    Instead these geniuses are not going to do jack about containing costs and improving medical care and outcomes but will go to their default and tax the rich (which anyone with any knowledge of economic history knows is anti simulative). Neither party seems to have any solutions as they are both too co-opted by special interests which is why the only reform that will work to enable the system of governance to work again in this country is campaign finance reform, until we have that nothing that Washington puts out will be worth a damn.
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    Yes, that you should be able to smoke pot and use other hard drunks too...but if you smoke cigs your a drain on society and must be crushed.
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    I don't know if I am being pig-headed or anti-American; but taxing people that have healthcare, and pay for it, to provide for people that will receive it free, concerns me deeply. If they just say they are going to raise taxes its one thing. To say they are targeting one fortunate subset to provide specific entitlements, solely for a less fortunate one, is socialist 'Robinhoodism'. Normally or historically in this country, you are taxed and you receive services: police, roads, armed services, subsidized transportation, etc. Even in quasi-socialized nations, like in Scandinavia, you are taxed more heavily but everyone receives socialized medicine. This is a huge mistake for the direction of our capitalist democracy.
  8. Free call girls.
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    Yes, more stimulus checks! $1 billion for everyone! We're rich!
  10. i can't wait til the men of the mind strike from this bullshit
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