Tax, smokers,fatasses and drunks.

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  1. They are the biggest costs in healthcare. If Obama plans on national health cares, The homos should pay more due to HIV costs.

    Smokers should pay more due to cancer

    And the fatasses eating fastfood day and night should pay more, heart disease.

    drunks, ie liver diseases etc..

    And if you are a fat homo that smokes and drinks then you are fucked. Sorry.

    And if you go to the gym etc.. you can take a deduction, and lower premiums just like a safe driver etc..

  2. True, but then it incentivizes people to be more healthy, eat better, and live longer...

    Which means shit tons less revenue for the fast food industry, tobacco corporations, and the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.

    Also, people living longer will increase the burden on the government for providing benefits to them.

    Fucked up isn't it?
  3. I guess it could break a few things :)
  4. Really, the rising costs of health care began in the late 60's, early 70's. Their was a campaign that encouraged people to get a "second opinion". In the old days, you called the family doctor, he came over and Pop told him he had "gas". He gave paw an ant acid. Next day, paw was dead of a heart attack. People got sick and tired of that.

    Stay tuned....
  5. dont tax you, dont tax me, tax that man, behind the tree

    the first thing we need to do, is quit handing out free money by the hundreds of billions, to fuckups in private jets

    not beating up on middle working class people who happen to not be perfect
  6. Interesting.

    Should a smoking homo pay more than lardass alcoholic, or it’s a tradeoff?