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    TAXES TAXES. Isn't it the REAL reason for ENRN , TYC' WCOM etc. These companies are taxed to the nose and everyone is under pressure to keep something for their labours . Consequently it ends up fraud. Politicians are the big fucks. They don't really care about their own people. Another thing Americans don't EVER let anyone persuade you to adopt a "national sales tax' or a consumption tax. That's what Fucked Europe. It was introduced into Canada and it totally fucked small business. The public refuse to pay small business these taxes consequently they eventually go out of business. Big business collects these taxes cause its non negatiable. Australia and South Africa have introduced similar taxes. One con job governments pull is they tell the public personal income taxes will be fazed out meantime they just jack these taxes up and up to pay for their fucked up agendas. That's what I personally find astounding we the people can't seem to get politicians who see the reality of the situation. Remember the "great" Margaret Thatcher and the Falkland Islands. She spent billions and billions " defending an island in the middle of nowhere to protect 5000 sheep and a handful of people. She could have sold the damn place and with all the money that was saved could wrote a cheque to every Brit.
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  2. Hey, someone has to do "les tournantes", right? It's hard work and Frenchmen refuse to do it. So it's only logical that the taxpayer (I heard that some of you still have jobs) pays these guys to go around in the black BMW's and Mercedes-Benz that they like so much.

    Comme on fait son lit on se couche...

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  3. it's good to see some people who are just as fed up with taxes as i am. :)
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  4. maybe we could float japan over next to mexico and construct open bridges so anyone sneaking into japan from mexico would not get wet or face the danger of drowning. that would solve their low birth rate problem - fast, as it has for us. it would, as a matter of course, place an unusually strong drain on their infrastructure and social services. of course, if the japanese then granted the illegals defacto citizenship as they pump out babies, then you have much different problems.

    we have a mess on our hands here in socal. how much does a minimum wage landscaper with 6 kids pay in taxes? april 15th is actually a handout every year. and who pays for the schooling, medical care, OB/GYN bills for the new babies/pregnancy. who pays for the WIC program. i just looked at a small office building and one of the tenants was "WIC" (women/infants/children) and they were giving nutrition classes to illegals. another tenant was a "store" stocked only with only goods purchasable with "WIC" coupons (read tax dollars). could i get a checque instead of nutritional classes - and how about some food for free?

    it is not just the taxes, it is a lack of political will to address the problem that makes the situation so hard to stomach. why was the "tax cut" a $300 rebate checque? and bush is proposing possible amenisty due to his fear of a latin backlash in the elections.

    i pay corporate taxes, LLC and LLP franchise taxes, taxes on multiple properties, as well as individuals taxes. i have car insurance, uninsured motorist insurance, E&O insurance, property insurance and used to have business liability insurance. i probably has other insurance if i thought about it. you add all that to alimony and child support, and you get a big stinking drain. BTW, my ex-wife is remarried, but if i stopped paying vaginamony, she would just drag me to court for more child support.

    why are we paying for these people? why does a kid from TJ pay resident fees in the UC system, while a kid from nevada pays non-resident fees. and why are the taxes on something i hold for 12 months lower than something i hold for 12 minutes? why am i taxed at all - im using after-tax dollars (actually that should read after many taxes dollars).

    now im bummed - and oh yeah, i need to pay the EDD and quarterly corp by the end of the month!
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  5. for your answers i suggest you go and visit some college campuses around the country and talk to some students and witness the unmistakable leftist flavor...

    unfortunately it's the most clueless POS's that end up getting involved in making public policies..
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    Listen don't be surprized when you have to pay an "energy tax' soon. It's coming. They"ll tack on at least 30% to gasoline and heating gas saying the war on every arab fuck has to be paid for. And remember this new tax will only go up. I am also under the opinion that if the States was able to build decent small cars like the Japanese and Europeans they'd slap on this tax immediately. This would solve the current economic problem, they"d force everyone with a big SUV and Van to change. Gearing the world to trucks changed economy in 90"s. Enevitebly gas prices are going to at least double.
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    why are we paying for these people?

    That's what I cannot figure out. Why Americans pay voluntarily people who broke the law in the first place. Why they spend money where they do not have to spend?
    The only explanation might be, a bureaucrat instinctively need dependent idiots to explain his job plus this idiot is going to vote for an idiot (democrat in the first place, not that rep. are much better)
    It's a conspiracy of cretins.
    If you are relatively honest,responsible idividual you end up paying. Nothing new under the sun.
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    OK, blueem is now Jasper6 just to match up with my "Woodie's" persona.

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  9. no doubt there are some idealogues in politics, running around thinking they are saving the world and helping humanity -- hey, they are good to have around, very enthusiastic and hard working and all...

    but the majority of those in power see exactly what you all have written above. they know exactly who pays and who does not. they recognize full well the vast inequity of the system. and they will keep tightening the noose until the people violently revolt. and not until then. that is the same cycle repeated countless times since the dawn of man -- I won't be waiting for it to end with the US.

    but there's one thing that has delayed it - one of the more ingenius developments of modern times - the great middle class. that huge majority that spends its youth spinning the hamster wheel to feed the poor and pay interest to the rich - they have just enough possessions and pride to keep them obedient and working and not enough to really affect policy independently. that class is the key - only they can revolt, and for now they are safely distracted by credit cards, plastic neon-lit las vegas casinos, spending 100k for validation by diploma, and sufficiently divided along racial, gender, and political lines that the pols are safe from any collective movement -- but at some point they will go too far, that last tax will be the proverbial last straw... when, who knows?
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  10. actually you only need $10,000 canadian to get permanent residency in canada..
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