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  1. whatever happened to the saying that we are ALL EQUAL UNDER THE LAW?

    what a bunch of bullsh!t that is! if i pay 39.6% in taxes and you pay zero. how is that fuck!ng equal?

    a flat tax is at least acceptable because you at least pay the same percentage as everyone else. even though the dollar amount of tax paid is least we don't have different fuck!ng tax brackets.

    the sad thing is, if you try to stand up for your REAL CONSTITUTIONAL rights and fight the irs, YOU'LL END UP IN JAIL! yet they get away with this sh!t and it probably isn't even constitutionally legal. where in the constitution does it say one man can get taxed at a different rate than another?

    WHERE????????? but i can go to jail if i don't do what the irs says!!!!!! we have seriously screwed up our country.....end of story. actually, we haven't, majority irresponsible america has.
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  2. That is exactly right. And the problem amplifies itself, because the trash family has 9 children, whereas the responible family has 2. So twenty years from now there will be 9 more votes for the democrats and 2 more for the republicans.
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    A great example of rectifying a bad tax situation is Russia. There, Putin established a flat tax regime (I believe it is 17 or 19%). As a result, people are paying their taxes, whereas before they would navigate the labrinthian tax code and avoid paying a ruble. And more importantly it has jump started their economy as new businesses are started by people who now realize they will keep more of their hard earned money.

    I believe that Putin was able to do this because of the power that he commands in Russia and also because of the dire straights that the country found itself. Here in North America, there are whole industries set up to perpetuate the status quo (accountants, lawyers, financial/investment companies).

    You can not be so naive as to think that they would sit idly by and watch their livelihood dissappear along with the complex tax system. The accountants especially have a fierce lobbying presence in Washington (just look at how they stopped Levitt dead in his tracks).
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  4. Pretty sad when Russia and other former Soviet states have lower taxes than the U.S.You can blame the Democrats. Congressmen like Waxman, Waters, Sens. Kennedy, Clinton, would be liberals even by Communist standards. Any one who would vote for a Democrat for Congress is anti-American. Even if the democrat is conservative he must be horseshit, just by being a member of the party.
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  5. I agree with most of what has been said on this thread, and I am not a democrat, isn't just the democrats. It is also the republicans, and everybody who ever wanted the government to "fix things". Every election year the candidates get bombarded by new requests for the government to do more. Well, more costs more. Republicans are at fault as well, just not quite as much. It would probably take a real grass roots libertarian movement to change things, but I'm not holding my breath. In florida, Jeb bush is actually running ads saying how he wants to increase social spending. That is the brother of our republican president talking. Scary.
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  6. i made a lot of anti-democrat posts in this thread today..and i just want to say for the record that i am not a full fledged republican or democrat -- I ALSO KNOW NO ONE CARES. lol

    anyway, i consider myself to be like a republican when it comes to spending money, but a liberal when it comes to social/free speech issues. i vote for the republicans though because i believe they actually will spend a little less than the democrats (but who knows?) and nobody is gonna let extremists mess with 1st amendment rights anyway.
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  7. tick, tick, tick.....

    "real eyes see real lies"
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  8. what did you mean by that?
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    The clock is ticking on the next Boston tea party.
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    Re: Re: IRONY

    Originally posted by triple_j

    tick, tick, tick.....

    "real eyes see real lies"

    let me guess, the national debt BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!
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