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  1. i could not agree more with this guy. what a jucking foke our tax system is. i am never going to pay estimated taxes. i'll pay the damn penalty every freaking time. of course, everyone agrees and hates our tax system, but nothing ever gets done. instead, resources are wasted paying for illegal immigrant health care.
  2. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. If you ever doubt the validity of that statement then I would encourage to travel to europe. I thank GOD everytime I come back to the United States. By the way gordon, I always enjoy your post and love the quote.
  3. Hey, there's no civilization down here in new orleans, and I still pay taxes for them to route raw sewage through my neighborhood in open sewers.
    I really think my brother has the right idea by playing the ponies. I may have made a few more bux than him this year, but he hasn't paid a cent of taxes on them.
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    most of europe pays more in taxes than we do. taxes are not what make this country great.... it is the people that work their butts off that make this a great place to live. the reason nothing ever gets done is because the public is so brainwashed by the media they won't vote for candidates that support tax reform.
  5. I grew up in Europe, and I have to totally agree with Bryan Roberts. Taxes are what turned Europe from a promising economy into the communist hell hole it is.

    I have met 7 US citizens who get paid by us (the taxpayers) quite handsomely, because they are "disabled". Not one of them would have any trouble at all being a secretary for 40 hours a week, 6 of those 7 would have no problems being a waiter/waitress, and certainly every one of them could start their own business in almost any field if only they were forced to earn money.

    I would be the last one to deprive handicapped or even poor people of financial aid which the working public has to pay for. But if those people take our money and buy cigarettes to pollute the air we are trying to breathe or multi-100-watt stereo systems for their vehicles to keep us up at night (BTW, why could'nt they work in pizza delivery if they can spend their nights driving around?), it is definitely a major flaw of our government.

    But this might be an inevitable consequence of democracy. I just wonder why America was able to avoid this deterioration into socialism for such a long time and is only now starting to give in to the pressures of procreationalism. Could it be because the immigration laws and their implementation are so hostile towards individuals who are either skilled or honest and cater to the needs of those who are stupid or immoral enough to qualify for amnesty?
  6. for the record, i'm not at all saying we/i should not pay taxes. what i'm saying is, the system for determining our taxes is an ABSOLUTE JOKE. just look at our tax code and it is obvious something is wrong. also, paying taxes and limiting waste are two different things. yes, i should pay taxes, but our gov. should also not waste my money. if they didn't waste so much of it, maybe we could all be paying less.

    p.s. thanks for the kind words. :)
  7. i would like to say one more thing...

    one of the reasons our country was founded is because of excessive taxes by the king.

    isn't it ironic we are back at square one, except now we are excessively taxing ourselves.
  8. this is flat out the reason for our problems:

    most people in our country ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. they buy new cars before they can really afford them, have too many kids before they can afford them. these people set themselves up for life long struggle paying bills week after week. they will never get ahead. because of this, they never have money. since they never have money, they never have a reason to see why our tax system sucks. I WOULDN'T BE UPSET EITHER IF I PAID NO TAXES.

    then you have the people who ARE responsible. they don't get themselves into debt, they work hard to save their money.....AND WHAT HAPPENS? THEY GET TAXED!!!

    i have friends who never ever complain about taxes because they've never made any freaking money. i made $120,000 a few years ago and i'm fuck!ng livid because i paid just about half of it in taxes.

    irresponsibility IS REWARDED IN OUR COUNTRY!

    my sister has no job and a kid.....she gets free health and dental care.

    i paid about 50k in taxes and i still don't have health and dental insurance cuz i'm trying to save my money! maybe if they didn't take 50k from me i might actually have insurance.

    why the fuck should my sister get insurance for being irresponsible while i don't get shit for actually planning my future?

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

    and of course things will never change cuz most people are fuck!ng idiots and the democrats get all their votes.
  9. I agree that taxes are a price we pay for civilization, however, some of us carry a heavier tax burden than others, and relatively speaking, it is unfair and unjustified.

    I have been self-employed for 25 years and would like to sell my business. The only problem is that I will have to pay 1/3 of my proceeds to State and Federal government in capital gains and AMT taxes. In other words, I will be penalized for starting a business and creating jobs for other people. Don't get me wrong, I love America, and I'm more than willing to pay my fair share. But, my fair share is all I want to pay.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to get on a soap box.
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