Tax rate trading DJ STOXX 50

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  1. I live in USA.. and trade the DJ Eurostoxx 50... does the 60/40 tax advantage apply to me? On a tax basis.. is it identical as if I were to trade the ES or NQ?

  2. can I ask you if you trade

    the DTB eurex contract and if you trade it
    overnight instead of the e mini sp500 or nasdaq100 ?

  3. Yes.. intraday trade the ESTX50 (eurex dtb via Interactive Brokers)and I trade the ES w/ IB. Never hold overnight. I was just curious whether they both get the same 60/40 tax treatment rule?

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    Yes, both get the 60/40 tax treatment.
  5. GREAT! thanx
  6. I am confused about the contract month of Euro Stoxx 50. It's still trading the Sept. month, while most of others have rolled over to Dec. Could someone explain when it will roll over? Thanks.
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  8. It seems the Sept. contract will expire this Friday, but the Dec. contracts are still trading at very low volume. Is there a rollover period for this contract?
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    The last trading day for the Dax and Euro Stoxx futures is the third friday of the month (as the calendar shows, although it is hard to understand the calendar).

    The roll to the next contract month as the "front month" occurs on the prior day -- the Thursday before the third Friday of the month.

    So the Dax and Euro Stoxx Dec contracts will become the frontmonth contracts this Thursday, the 19th.
  10. Thanks, Aaron. Now I know Eurex has only one day for rollover, unlike CME.
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