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  1. This year I have big capital loss. I remember there is tax form I can use to offset previous 3 years’ capital gains. Does anyone know what tax form it is? I am not a professional trader.

    Thank you very much.
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    Sch D

    as far as i can't offset previous years gains..

    find some old tax cut soft and play with it.or spend like 30$ on new one..most of your tax questions will be answered.way cheaper than consultation with a "pro"
  3. Thanks, Bob.

    I thought there was such a form...

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    You can use either form 1040X or 1045. You generally get a response (and refund) to 1045 quicker but you should know that any time you apply for a refund from an earlier year that triggers an automatic exam on that years return. If there is something in that return that you want to stay buried don't file for a return. Otherwise, you're good to go.

  5. Thanks. It sounds promising. I will take a look.

    BTW, all the losses are from e-mini futures. :(