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  1. last year i traded futures only full time and selected MTM trading using form 3115 last april 15th.

    i realize i lose the 60/40 treatment. i wanted the tax loss insurance to offset my wifes earnings if i lost money.

    realizing this was my first year .. i knew this was going to take me a few years to become profitable. i lost 23k.. which wasnt that bad at all. again i've planned for this.

    now to the tax question... im filing my return, and so far tell me if this is correct.

    1. fill out form 6781 using 1099-B

    2. take that number and transfer the loss to form 4797 part II .. ordinary business loss instead of sch D

    3. tranfer that number to the 1040

    is this correct?
  2. hypo


    Check out

    "the Tax guide for traders" by Robert Green.

    Covers alot of things including MTM stuff.