Tax persecution starts rising throughout the western world.

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  1. More staff to scrutinise tax affairs of the UK richest
    23 September 2012 Last updated at 08:38

    Individuals with assets of more than £1m face a new crackdown on tax avoidance, Lib Dem Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander has revealed.

    The number of people working in the Affluence Unit (AU) of HM Revenue and Customs is to increase from 200 to 300, to cope with the additional workload.

    Previously, the unit only scrutinised the tax affairs of people with assets and property of more than £2.5m.

    Mr Alexander told the Mail on Sunday the wealthiest "should pay more".

    He told the Sunday tabloid that the wealthiest "did best in the boom years" and so should "pay more now".

    "The measure will apply to people with homes and assets of more than £1m," he said.

    "They will look at anomalies and sniff out any problems," he added.

    Simon Hughes, the Lib Dem deputy leader, told the BBC the party was looking at a range of "wealth taxes" over the next 12 months as part of its commitment to "deliver fairness".

    Looks like all over the world, first in France now in the UK, these guys are moving down the chain. First 2.5 mill, then 1 million. What next? 500k How much will be considered to be rich or middle class? They are coming for all of us, this will happen in America. This financial crisis is a gift of god to the Bolsheviks.
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    It's already happening in America. The American dream is being shut down by the Democrat tax machine.
  3. Obama said 200k is rich.

    One year into his 2nd term, 100k is rich.

    Two years into his 2nd term, 60k is rich.

    Three years down the road, You are all rich.
  4. Outlaw the inheritance of fortunes and we're good.
  5. Why?
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    If they ever make a sequel to the movie "I am Sam", you should audition for the lead role. You're a natural retard, no acting required.
  7. Logically, if you didn't build that, hence no inheritance to pass on. Nice argument for estate taxes.
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    This crap only goes on as long as the citizens allow it.
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    But alot of the citizens are net receivers.
  10. what are the limits for other countries ?
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