tax on capital gains

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  1. I know there couldn't be a 100% correct answer for this question and I do not need one just on an average.

    Lets say there is a US LLC worth 50K and the LLC trades with this capital and make 10K a year how much do the LLC have after taxes? 55 K or less or more???? Circa????

    How much is the capital gain tax in the states for a corporation 20% 50% ?????

    thanks for any input
  2. An LLC's income can be taxed many different ways. Some LLCs pay the taxes themselves, most LLCs pass the tax attributes out to the owners to be taxed (if at all) on the owner's tax return.

    Also, there might be different tax rates for short-term capital gain, long-term capital gain, earned income, passive income, portfolio income or ordinary income, any of which an LLC might create for the owners!

    Coupled with State Income Taxes, the taxes due might run anywhere from 0% to about 45% or so..
  3. thanks for your answer

    lets say the LLC pay the tax themselves.

    lets keep it simple short-term trading buying a Stock today sell tomorrow. No other income.

    lets say a tax friendly one like nevada.

    Thanks anyway for the range but may be you can get a bit more specific, if you know and want to answer.
  4. In your example - the tax would be 15% of $10,000.

    Leaving the LLC with $8,500 + the original $50,000 for a total on hand of $58,500.
  5. thanks a lot