tax loss harvesting

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  1. drcha


    Any accountants here?

    If I own a stock or etf that has fallen, can I sell it on Dec. 31 in my taxable account, buy it back on the same day in a retirement account, and take the loss? In other words, do wash sale rules apply across account types?

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    Can I write off my gardening supplies on my 2009 return?
  4. Nattdog


    that is not a good idea. a better idea is to sell your down etf and rebuy a different etf that is substantially similar but arguably different exposure/is not the same thing. for example if u reallocate to an etf with lower expenses you can justify that on investment rather than tax avoidance grounds so it is not merely a tax ploy.
  5. No, you cannot do that. You can call the irs to verify.
  6. Nattdog


    that is why anything you do needs to have a clear, logical, non tax INVESTMENT rationale behind it. Effective tax loss harvesting is simply timing your already intended and logical reallocations, not trying to scam the IRS.
    Moving to an etf with a different exposure or lower expenses is a legit move. rebuying the same etf is not. Disclaimer though, this is what I was taught however I am not a tax lawyer so not a verified expert.
  7. drcha


    Thanks everyone, for your answers. I appreciate it. No, I definitely don't want to scam the IRS, so it's good to know what works and what doesn't. As usual, "they" have already thought of everything :)
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    they thought of "everything" because people like you thought of it and got away with it at some point.