Tax Liens

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  1. Hi all,

    not sure what forum to put this in, but the Real Estate thread in this board has some allusions to Tax Liens in it, so here goes ...

    I've done some preliminary research into TL auctions, and the impression I got is that the returns get bid down pretty hard. In fact, to the point where the returns aren't worth speaking of. I base this on various online auctions I've checked out.

    Can someone who has experience with TLs give me a rough idea of how these things work in the real world?

    Blue Bull
  2. You just want OTC tax liens. And there is substantial work in developing the list and connection to the 13 states that offer the best deals.

    You don't want to have to pay for travel nor end up with a lien on a 500 yard x 2 yard piece of property.

    I do different deals on different levels and work with savvy people.

    One very close friend did a mini whiteboard presentation collaboration with me ... it works ... but as usual there is a hefty learning curve and rules of deal structuring that need be applied.

    The two of us are likely to set up a structured investment vehicle for ourselves and manage other investors at some time.

    The work is done ... so we are just incubating it until we can drop some minor cap into it ...

    It is very doable ... but creating a larger structure has multiple layers of great leverage ... so we are sitting on the system till later.