Tax Holiday coming up. (Peaceful protest)

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    They are trying to get everyone to stop going to work, no shopping, and no school from April 15 to 18th. They say if you absolutely have to shop, then do not go to a major corporation and only go to mom & pop stores. It will be interesting if they could pull it off, but i think it will end up like those times when people say to boycott gas on a certain day in hope to get gas prices lower. Gas companies see a huge spike the day before and the day after in sales. They dont really lose money, so they dont lower prices.
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    I'm amazed someone didn't set this up sooner, I remember people talking about wanting to do this ever since the bailouts though the main idea was just to stop paying taxes lol.
  3. don't go to work? who gives up their vacation time to spit into the wind?
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    This is silly. If you want lower taxes and reduced spending, then vote that way. Donate your time and money to help elect the fiscally conservative candidates.

    Not making money, not spending money, etc is a great way to get things done, IMO.
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    Uh, folks with moral convictions so there won't be many traders striking and it certainly doesn't apply to you.

    I'll take Thursday April 15 off. To me it represents a peaceful form of protest.

    I don't have to shoot any liberals or damage any property to participate so it seems like a good idea.
  6. People with self-contrived "moral convictions" who then insult others by demonstrating they will sacrifice for part of it? On the impressive scale, that is a little below zero...
  7. Probably one of the biggest factors in why gov can change the systems without real opposition. Americans have lost the links that bring other countries people together as one. PEOPLE DON’T CARE UNTIL IT’S TO LATE.
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    And realistically, what fiscally conservative candidates would that be? And please don't name anyone from the two thug parties who have all the "professional" politicians who got us into this mess in the first place.

    If you want control over the government and control over taxes, then push for term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and
  9. Obama hasnt raised taxes for anyone making under 250,000.

    Unless these are executives and hedge fund managers protesting, these people are ignorant to reality.
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    Very true. But everyone thinks its coming. Maybe, maybe not.
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