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    Anyone thinking about Huckabee or even thinking that he is a conservative should check out this website.
  2. i'd vote for him if i were an illegal alien, he's great for them
  3. There is nothing wrong with taxes if the money is put to good use. Unfortunately there is so much waste that easily half of the federal budget could be whipped out and people won't not even miss the bearaucracy, unless they were employed by it...

    I was kinda hoping the war in Iraq would force budget cuts in other departments, but instead it seems like the programs that actually work have been cut while others have been allowed to get more bloated. Seriously, what the fuck.

    I'm not even sure if Ron Paul could fix the mess which is the United States of America.
  4. people just seem to bend over and accept the choices they're given.

    they get caught up in symbolic issues that have relatively low bearing on the long term success of our society as a whole

    they're poorly informed, too trusting or susceptible to weightless political marketing. people want to feel like they belong to something big, and our two party duopoly gives them that

    you can't fault people for wanting to be able to trust their government and especially their supposed party... while fiat money and credit culture anesthetize most of us to the self-destructive evolution of our policies and laws

    the US government isn't really unique in that sense. it seems to be engaged in a very natural historical life cycle

    what can you do?

    i think i could cope with a society in decline. what i can't stand though is the use of fear and intimidation by politicians. that makes me angry
  5. Huckabee will be a very interesting litmus test of the sincerity and honesty of the entire republician/conservative movement. If they truly care about family, religious and moral values, pro-life agenda and unborn children, balanced budget and fiscal discipline they will give Huckabee a fair chance. If all these values are just a smoke screen and they are motivated by greed only and care about tax cuts only (as I suspect) they will nominate someone else, probably [pro-choice] Rudy or Romney.
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    Hee hee... Republicans came into power in 1992... they talked about family values and changed the income tax so that there were tens of millions of people that did not pay any... if the Democrats tried that they would have been strung up but nobody said a thing... and why would they? Democrats were seeing the biggest move to socialism in their lifetimes and Republicans were not criticizing their own guys.... don't trust any of the parties, the only transparent candidate is Ron Paul.
  7. I am confused. In 1992, Clinton defeated Bush in the Presidential election. The Democrats kept majority control of both the House (258-176) and Senate (57-43), though Republicans did pick up 9 House seats.

    You probably mean 1994, but even then power was split between a Republican Congress and Democratic President.
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    There are somewhere between 35 and 40 percent of the american people that currently pay no federal income tax. You think that republicans are responsible for that?
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    So anyone that is against socialism is greedy. Cute.

    A well traveled study about a year ago showed that republicans give significantly more to charity across all income levels than do democrats, who wish to give "someone else's" money to charity through the tax code.

    It is rather obvious to me who the party of nasty characteristics such as greed and envy is.
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