Tax Havens

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  1. What tax havens are people trading from?

    Any insights of note on particular locations?
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    use the search function @ top right, type in keyword... tax havens
  3. Hey folks:
    If you happen to be a US citizen, you should be aware that the IRS intends to pursue traders who try to "avoid" taxes by relocating, by using "abusive" tax schemes, by under-reporting income, overstating expenses, and probably a number of other items that I am unaware of. As I understand it, they will tend to investigate the individual trader BEFORE going after corporations. If you think about it, this is understandable. Corporations can afford legal advice and are likely to contest the government, while the individual taxpayer is more likely to pay without protesting. My advice is, take the conservative route, and be sure to maintain all your documentation. Use a good CPA, even though it may cost you more. Good luck, Steve46
  4. Steve this is good advise and another good reason to trade through a corp IMO :)

    To the original poster a good buddy of mine uses the Turks and Caicos Islands but I hear Bahamas' is the best if you can live there to.
  5. Thanks... Feeling well fed on the back of that :D

    Thanks for the additional pointers as well from steve46 and Samson77.
  6. search for titles: "trading from offshore", "countries that do not tax (traders)", "capital gains", "trading in the Netherlands". these are names of threads on that topic
  7. Nice one.

  8. Bahamas seem to be best solution for non-US citizens. That is why I moved to Freeport, Bahamas.
  9. St Barts. No taxes, great weather, fun island, amazing food - no golf, but nevis is only a quick flip away.

    Top stuff. Only trouble is the french, but hey, you can't have everything
  10. Is St Bart part of the DOM TOM? No taxes that is surprising knowing these French?
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