Tax havens

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    Watch any film with a moustache twirling bad guy and he'll always be transferring money to his Caiman Island or Swiss bank account. Unfortunately, this activity isn't restricted to the movies.

    Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars are illegally transferred out of developing countries devastating the region's resources, maintaining poverty and robbing the people of the right to invest in general goods and services. More often than not, it is large, powerful corporations doing this in order to escape tax authorities and regulators. [more..]

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    I can understand why the government and media are fumbling over this stuff and are really annoyed about it but honestly. Why is it a 'morally' bad thing? We all know that our governments are corrupt as hell so frankly I don't blame the people trying to dodge taxes especially since most of it is going to fund a war I think even corporations are having doubts about now.
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    long lives the tax heavens!

    USA is still the biggest tax heaven of the world (for foreigners)
    so look first at your places, then go out and teach the world!

  4. Right on !
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    How so, could you explain?
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    well search for it in google you fing tons of infos
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    What is morally corrupt is a government that wastes so much of the tax take.
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    You wrote that the US is a tax haven for foreigners- what do you mean, could you explain how it is a tax haven for foreigners?
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    Singapore !
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