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  1. Have any of you had success with these often touted Tax Guides, especially as respects the complexity of Trader Taxation?

    Many times they are as complex as just reading the actual IRS Publications, and have less examples of real world usage than the examples within the IRS Publications.

    Many times they are more expensive than those available locally at, say the Barney Knobles at the mall.

    One thing is certain, that taking the notion that: "Oh, I have someone handle it for me" is not the wisest course due to the many complaints of excessive charging for the services and the inability to challenge them on their fees.

    Just some comments....
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    Reading the IRS publicatrions is pretty dry work ........ However, if you dont want to be ripped off you are going to need to do this ..... Otherwise how are you going to be able to filter the information that you buy from a CPA or other service firm ?

    The guides are useful in that they help to confirm the interpretation of the IRS guides and point to ruling interpretations that may not necessarily be included in the standard IRS publications.....
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