Tax free futures trading in the Netherlands?

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    Is it really true that there is just this more or less symbolic tax on gains from all kind of investments in the Netherlands? chs245 remarked this in a different thread(

    To my knowlegde in the Netherlands there are three types of personal incomes defined ("three box model"). The first box is taxable income from employment and home ownership, the second from a substantial interest and the third from savings and investments. The tax rate for income in this third box is 30%, but it is not calculated on the actual gains but on a notional yield (4%) on capital. This means independent from how much money you make by trading the tax is only 1,2% on capital (assets minus liabilities)!!!

    For me this is hardly to belief but after reading all the information on the pages of the so called "Belastingdienst" ( I start to think that it might be true.

    Is there perhaps any active daytrader from the Netherlands out there who can comment on this??

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    I live in the Netherlands and trade the e-mini's. Profits are tax-free, as are all profits on investments. You still have to pay 4% tax on your capital though.
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    I used to benefit from this. It is a fact : no capital gains but the fixed percentage (very reasonable... a few percent only).

    US tax treaty gives full benefit : you pay ZERO tax in US on capital gains. Of course you must be resident of the Netherlands.
    I miss this time very very much :(

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    in a number of European countries futures trading is considered gambling (Gluecksspiel in German) ... no taxes at all
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    Can you still deduct losses? :D
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    Good question.
    It used to be no problem to deduct, but the new rule (with the 4%) may have changed that. I am no longer in the country, so I can't say.

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    Do you know in which countries this is still the case? At least in Germany profits from futures trading are now taxed as normal income :(

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    So does anyone know what the weather is like in the Netherlands and how the internet service is? And is anyone
    familiar with Bonair?
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    Well, weather is relative. Compared to Germany it is more or less the same, compared to european sunshine states like Italy, Greece, Spain or Portugal or even the south of France it is a good portion colder. During my studying time in Münster (50km from the border) I have been quite often there because the Netherlands are relly nice. If you like sailing you will love the Netherlands.

    Infrastructure in the Netherlands is great - no doubt in this field it is one of the leading countries in Europe.

  10. Just to clarify you pay 30% of the 4% of interest on your total capital that is in Netherlands ? (so effectively 1.2% of the amount you have on your bank account in Netherlands)

    Is that true also that in Belgium you don't pay taxes on your profit (I take the case of a full time daytrader) ?

    And last but not least , what about Luxembourg ?
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