Tax eFile with long Sched D attachment???

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  1. bellman


    My schedule D attachment is 30 pages, I'm looking for an eFile that will allow me to add the attachment before sending it. I tried HR Block, but there is no way to do this.

    I'd also be willing to use a place that automatically entered uploaded data, say from a csv, into the schedule D before eFiling.

    Any suggestions?
  2. rwk


    You can summarize the transactions on Schedule D and send the detail as an attachment to the signature page.
  3. bellman


    With which tax preparation software? I didn't see a good way to summarize or send attachments with the free eFile version of H&R Block.
  4. rwk


    It's my understanding that you're always required to send a signature page via snailmail when you eFile. I don't use eFiling because I consider my tax return private.
  5. samovar


    InteractiveBrokers lets you download you the Schedule D in TXF format, which TurboTax can import. (Starting since 2008, I think) IB's download also includes wash sales.

    My 2010 Schedule D was 23 pages. This year I'm day trading way more aggressively, and probably will have a 100-page Schedule D by the end of the year.

    For reasons that I won't get into, I prefer to file by mail. Do I really need to print 100 pages of Schedule D? That seems silly. Who from IRS is really going to look at that?
  6. The answer to the first question is Yes.

    The IRS instruction say to do so, and explicitly say, do not write "Available on Request," which is what a lot of preparers used to do.

    Will they look at the details of your schedule D-1? No, not unless they select your return for audit.
  7. even if you can import it into Turbotax doesn't Turbotax not allow a number higher than 10,000,000 in the gross proceeds section? Or did they change that?
  8. bellman


    ahh, I didn't realize it was necessary to send a hard copy signature file with the eFile. I'm going to snail mail this time. I would prefer to eFile because then I have a better record of my filing.
  9. samovar


    How do you have a better record if you eFile?

    If you file by snail mail, you can keep a copy of the tax file that your software prepares (which is useful for importing next year, so you won't have to re-enter a lot of information again). Also, you can print to PDF using software like CutePDF Writer, and you can keep that PDF.

    If you file by snail mail, that means IRS has a more difficult job checking your report than if it's electronic. Snail mail filing is totally legit and makes their job harder, which I regard as useful.
  10. omnibrad


    That is correct. You cannot exceed 9,999,999.99 in any field in TurboTax. What I did was enter a bogus proceeds total on the Schedule D in TurboTax (but correct gain/loss), then attached the brokerage D-1. Then, I downloaded the Schedule D pdf from and filled in all the fields including the correct value for proceeds. I replaced TurboTax's Schedule D with the manual one.

    Concerning importing transactions into TurboTax, there is a limit of 3000 transactions that can stop you. So, that's another reason to use the brokerage generated D-1 instead of importing. The brokerage D-1 took care of wash sales, so it was easier that way.
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