Tax breaks for bankrupt companies

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  1. The solyndra issue woulld be a great topic for tonights foreign policy debate.

    Mr President, what is your opinion on solar panels, china and the bk of green energy programs.

    Price of corn, ethanol, world hunger.
  2. maxpi


    Obama's answer: "I serve a higher calling than sh^t like that"
  3. Ricter


    So US taxpayers are going to get a tax break on monies they owe... US taxpayers. Whoa.
  4. Lucrum


    Hey Retard, I'm starting to like your idea of debt forgiveness. I'd like to purchase one million dollars worth of equipment your company sells. On credit of course. I will also expect your company to forgive my debt immediately following the sale.
  5. JamesL


    Just like those Chrysler bond holders, eh?
  6. Lucrum


    Not really, in fact it makes it even easier and justifiable.
  7. apples and oranges. in any case some of the bondholders may have been unhappy but the majority of them agreed to the deal.
  8. Since you're preoccupied with race,(most racists are), I must correct you. Obama really isn't "black" as the term has come to be accepted in our society since the 60's. He is half Kenyan and half Caucasian American, which truly makes him an African American. One that has Caucasian blood in him.
    To my point though, which had nothing to do with race,(you already knew that, but couldn't help yourself. I understand.), had Obama not given this failed company the money to begin with, they would not be in a position to exploit the system.
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