Tax and politics

Discussion in 'Politics' started by magicz, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. magicz


    Who is as scared shitless as I am if the dems get elected?
    -tax increase
    -more welfare(uni health,
    -oh and dont forget the first clinton era, they bomb our embassies,ships and people and all we did was sent a few bombs.
  2. TGregg


    We're #@^%#@* no matter what, unless McCain picks somebody decent as a running mate and has a stroke. He may claim he's a conservative, and the MSM will help him make that claim but it's as bogus as a Bill & Ted Time Machine.

    You can count on bigger, more expensive government costing us lots more than it already does. There will be some debate about how much bigger (a whole lot vs. a doubling or tripling in size), but only about 8 or 9 voters are in favor of a smaller government. Everybody else is lined up for handouts from the welfare office to the fed window. So the discussion about if it should be bigger at all is over.
  3. This could happen.
  4. magicz


    I remember good old Mr. Washington ask that we should not go to a 2 party system. Is this the peak or the decent of the good old US of A?