Tavern on the Green

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  1. Bloomberg on visit to China toured High speed rail and critized the US system of government for "getting in the way of everything."

    "In America, the ultimate capitalist system, the government is getting in the way of everything".


    Fast forward Tavern on the Green. Highest grossing restuarant in the US, the city took back the lease and now we have a bunch of vendors on wheels serving whatever, in front of the closed restaurant.

    Trump offered this week to take over the lease and have it up an running in a year. Better than before (you know Trump!).

    Bloomberg reply, if we decide to lease the site as a restaurant it might be kept small, "which might fit a little better in term of today's needs".

    pfffttt what a putz.
  2. pspr


    I don't much care for Bloomberg. He must have had a brain fart to say something so true.
  3. To sum him up. Boomberg is a wealthy businessman. How can he make a statement like this? ---- "It's not clear you need another big, sit-down, touristy kind of restaurant."

    Shouldn't we let the free market capitalistic system decide?


    "You know, in this day and age, we have 20,000 restaurants in this city," he said. "It's not clear you need another big, sit-down, touristy kind of restaurant.

    The mayor offered another possible vision of the future: Shake Shack, the burger and shake emporium that draws mobs to Madison Square Park.

    "The lines are unbelievable for hamburgers," he observed.

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    I think he's reading the free market just fine. He's not seeing customers at big "touristy" restaurants (recession, no doubt), but is seeing them at small local food "shacks". Is his analysis of the New York City restaurant market incorrect? Just asking, I don't know, but his statement says he's watching it.