Tavern On The Green Files for Bankuptcy

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  1. That would make it "Tavern in the Red". :cool:
  2. You're wrong on this one, BLSH.

    Tavern on the Green is a fine restaurant and an old, well respected, well run business. This is primarly a case where the Landlord raised the rent on the Lease. This practice happens a lot in NYC, where business is run in an extremely cut throat manner.

    It's a very difficult, very ugly way to run a business. If we had to deal with the same constraints, we'd be up-in-arms and ready to go to war.

    Try not to be so negative all the time, shesh!
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  4. I just explained what the situation in NYC is zdreg, and looking over the article from the NY Times the only truly aggregious debt was that owed to the New York Hotel Trades Council ... duh. :eek:

    Do you even live in America (much less know anything about how NYC operates)?

    LOL :D :p
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    your reply is quite rude but why change your character for me. i realize i made your day.

    your post is mere opinion and not rooted in fact.
  6. My reply speaks exactly to the topic on hand, and explains why you don't have a clue of what you are talking about.

    My reply is based on understanding the issues involved from both a business and personal perspective, as well as having read the articles which were posted by BLSH.

    P.S. Are you really this stupid zdreg? ... please also tell me that you like to trade the e-minis. :p :D
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    explain their lease or admit u know next to nothing.
    admit nothing. your posts will provide the proof.

    actually the truly bankrupt may not be the restaurant but your uninformative posts on this subject ie lacking in facts.
  8. LOL :D

    Explain why you're on the internet at 7am ET in the morning talking about something that you know nothing about from whatever rathole shack you live-in, residing in a foreign country from the one which is the topic of discussion. :cool:
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    thx for proving my pt. u know nothing about their lease.
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