Tattoo Forced On Toddler By Mother

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by IMFTrader, Jan 29, 2013.

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    That's a clear example of child abuse. What race was the mother? Mexican? Getting a tattoo can be kind of painful, from what I understand — not something you'd want to inflict on a toddler. How is it possible that this stuff is legal while fictional child porn is illegal?

    And aside from all that, presumably a tattoo is part of you for the rest of your life, so it should be chosen freely. A toddler can't make that decision. What's wrong with women these days?
  2. fan27


    Same could be said for circumcision.
  3. In principle, that's correct, but circumcision has benefits, such as reducing the risk acquiring and transmitting VD. So circumcision is good for society, even if it is not so good for the pleasure of the individual. In an age of rampant promiscuity, reducing the risk of acquiring VD is important. On the other hand, tattooing is bad for society and for the individual.

    Of course, circumcision also has drawbacks: it removes erogenous zones and leaves a scar; but it's an ancient religious tradition that God prescribed to his chosen people, according to the religious beliefs of many Christians, so in that sense, the comparison is not entirely correct. And of course, circumcision is civilizing in that makes it somewhat harder for men to get turned on.

    For this reason, I support circumcising all babies but I believe that tattooing children is child abuse.
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    If he's going to join Los Lobos, he's gonna have to get inked in.
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    In some countries they cut the clitoris off of young girls, without anesthesia.
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    "even if it is not so good for the pleasure of the individual."
    what are you talking about?