Tasty Works, $10 flat fee for option traders

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  1. Sophie


    Currently we have a 7 figure account with IB and trade options. Friends also use IB and have varying sizes of accounts from $1000s to $100,000's.
    Tasty works latest offer has attracted all of us. Their platform seems more advanced and easier to use than IB's. eg 'probability of 50%', ease of adjusting the trades to see how the greeks, and % POP50 varies and critically, expected move for an underlying before a binary event, like earnings, so we can place strategies round it are lacking in IB. Their option chains also show the expected moves as well as it IV.
    IB going to have to be discounting their commissions if they are wanting us to stay, as their technology, for option traders is definitely inferior and commissions too. We will literally be making significant savings and enjoying more advanced technology and ease of trading with Tasty Works. https://tastyworks.com/pricing.html#capComm
  2. Are you being paid by Tasty Works to shill on their behalf? Your entire post history of 10 posts is Tasty Works related. What is your motivation for making this post? If this is only about the Broker and not Options then it belongs under the 'Retail Brokers' forum in my opinion.

    I have not paid attention to the Tasty Trade people for awhile now. Did they ever find a new 'Super Trader' after Karen turned out to be a 'Super Fraud'?
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  3. Gambit


    As long as you're trading 100 lots in a single leg, you'll get this pricing.
  4. Hilarious post, reads like a cliche paid or fake user endorsement.
    And besides, anybody with a "7 figure account" doesn't say that, or so easily discloses so. :confused:
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  5. The OP is in Hong Kong, the most expensive city in the world (cost of living wise). Maybe the "7 figure account" is true but pushing Tasty Trade just does not make sense. Sometimes these brokers hire a few people to focus on new Chinese or Russian accounts. Maybe it is a post designed to build street cred among those audiences???
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  6. schweiz


    This is a 7 figure account too: $0.000001
    Sophie, 35 and from HK can be John, 78 from Atlanta too.
    Never take what you see on internet for the truth just because it is posted.
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  7. KeLo


    Caveat: My trading style may not be your trading style. (It probably isn't...)

    With all the internet buzz I set up an acct. at TastyWorks, since a free test drive was unavailable. No sim mode is available for testing functionality of orders, etc.

    I made a few small RT trades to try it out.

    IMO, it is adequate. The platform didn't crash. They do provide free data. Commissions, while good, are not the best available for anyone who does decent volume.

    I guess the unique feature is you can see what some Tasty Trade guru is trading. MEH!

    They clear through Apex Clearing.

    P.S. I also have an IB acct. (and others).
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  8. LOL, true.
  9. zdreg


    please provide evidence that IB's technology is inferior. otherwise your remark is worthless.
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  10. spindr0


    Geeez, this sure is a tough crowd. Sooooo, is anyone interested in the 8 figure hedge fund that I run ???

    :p :D
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