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  1. Anyone else sick and tired of watching this thing run. Can't believe its at $15.40 and just shattering 52 week high's everyday.

    I can't bring myself to buy it and just watching from the sidelines.
  2. my bad, didn't see that thread. Anyways I couldn't resist for a quick trade. I'm out at $15.75
  3. Michael Comeau
    Taser Zaps the Shorts (Again!)
    7/9/2007 1:12 PM EDT

    Taser (TASR) is making yet another big move today following a CNBC interview with Chairman Tom Smith who discussed some of Taser's new products like its Shockwave system, which can supposedly drop everyone in a 25 foot area, and its first wireless system, which attaches to a 12-gauge shotgun.

    Hell of a call by Frank Curzio on this one, Taser looks like the Crocs (CROX) of the electric-shock device sector.

    Crames, I call him Crames, Butt boy. Notice, they never, ever mention the naked shorts. But it's why the stock is screaming. In some of these, it's more than the float. But not even the companies know, because the DTCC won't tell them.

    But, there's nothing wrong!:D
  4. POS found a second wind and closed at session highs at $16.70. F me.
  5. There is A LOT of potential for tasr to retest historic highs after forming a three year base
  6. Look at the action of July 12 vs. 13. This is what drives people from the markets. We believe there is covering going on in the bigger names; this little manuever, driving prices lower on no news, is favorite ploy. shake out the suckers, and buy some size back at lower prices.
  7. Interesting day coming up. Tasr made the SHO list for, I believe the third time last week. That means, the naked shorts leaned on it to keep it down, and didn't deliver the stock.

    Notice the three down days, up day, three down days. The three down days make it possible to settle the fails at a profit. Tomorrow, I believe they ring the bell on the NASDAQ, and they've moved their earnings up. I expect a big move up, but the daily chart should show a shooting star. the naked shorters HAVE to keep the stock in some sort of control, or the debits will be huge.

    If the stock finishes up big, it 's game set match. It's happened before; just that TASR has been a poster boy for this nonsense for a long, long time.
  8. hmpfff.. Quoting myself again. Big up. Booked. Shooting Star? Developing. Naked shorters still in charge - sort of.

    Now, they need three days to cover all the fails from today. So, for three days, probably dead money.

    I know there was a downgrade. How convienient.
  9. Gap up, and then trade down = SOLD
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