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  1. Horribly manipulated, phony SEC investigation, 35 to 6. Although not on the list, I am going to assume the system is loaded with fails via X Clearing. Have at it. 07:24 TASR TASER: Sarkizy wins election; $100-120 mln order could drive $4.00 in incremental value per share - Merriman (9.53 )

    Merriman notes Sarkozy was elected to a five-year term. Firm ests that the opportunity in France is worth as much as $300 mln in revs to TASR assuming the purchase of a TASR and TASR Cam for each of the 250,000 police officers in the Police Nationale and Gendarmerie Nationale. Firm says according to what TASR mgmt has last heard, a Sarkozy victory could mean the near-term purchase of 100,000 TASERs, which they est that could represent up to $100-120 mln in revs. Firm believes the Sarkozy victory in yesterday's run-off and increased potential for subsequent news of increased order flow into France could continue to push the shares higher near-term.
  2. Tasr is back on the SHO list today.

    There were several wonderful press releases, and the stock couldn't hold. It appears the shorts tried to keep it in check, and now the fails show up.

    Deserves to be monitored. They have gone up on the first day listed on SHO.
  3. I know these work all the time , but does somebody have a nuts and bolts, maybe back office perspective about WHY it works? Just curious. .
  4. Stock gets called in. Forced covering.
  5. Lost a lot of money in a matter of minutes on this POS stock a month or so back.

    Stay away
  6. tasr is crapo
  7. now I know it goes up. Two fingers up, usually a good sign.:D
  8. You guys are way off base with Taser. Sure they have a history and a bad rep but under the hood al seems good. The chart is a daytraders dream the last few weeks and I like the name here. Probably the biggest driver for me is the Chicago police force redeploying stun guns after a thorough 2 year review. Other large police forces will now follow suit without doing their own expensive testing. The France situation is well documented but overall Europe sales are increasing nicely. The future will be in whoever can pull off the next generation model it will be micro tech and actually fit onto existing handguns this is a few years down the line and several lawsuits are going on behind the scenes, with a small knod to Stinger, most of these claims seem top have no merit. Taser have been bad corporate customers throughout the year and thus have not made friends in the corporate world, the stock, however, is on a mini tear and should be bought.