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  1. I've made more on TASR today, than I normally make in a month, and the market has not even opened! Keep an eye on this turkey.
  2. That's a slight exageration but check it out anyway.
  3. How did you make money on it?
  4. Mainly in options. Hopefully the price remains at open.

    I adore this company! Ever since my TZOO fiasco, I made 67% riding it up, a decent amount trading it, and soon to be another wonderful return when I dump my positions.
  5. Whoever posted that ".30" remark? LOL! I see if you have since deleted your post but that's okay. You're probably still richer than me anyway so let me have my small victories.
  6. Looks like it may head back up now. Hopefully it will remain steady for just a few minutes longer. :eek:
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    .... Nice gifts when they arrive ...... Happy Holidays !
  8. Actually, it was me and I deleted it because it sounded bitchy. I am trying to turn over a new leaf. At the time, it was up .30. If it is up more now, great for you.

    edit - At 9:14, it looks like it is up ~.70.
  9. This is just a guess, but did you think that TASR was down 50% (not taking into account the 2-1 split?)
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    ... Lets hope he was doing a split play ... otherwise its perhaps not so happy holidays after all ......
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